Meet Angela… she’s beautiful, charismatic and magnetic… every man’s dream and every woman’s envy. But Angela wasn’t always like this. Her past, filled with obesity and manic-depression clings to her like a poisonous leech – filling her with a demonic determination to get whatever she wants no matter who gets hurt along the way.

She reunites with Philip, her long-lost friend from college, who is now one-half of a couple who have a perfect life together, fulfilling every dream except that of having a child. Angela convinces Philip and his partner Jonathan that the three of them should have a child together through artificial insemination.

From that moment Philip and Jonathan’s idyllic life begins to unravel. Angela’s mask of deceit gradually slips as her pregnancy awakens psychological and physical demons, leaving Philip and Jonathan regretting ever allowing her into their lives.

Told from Jonathan’s perspective as he nears the end of his life, Angela’s tangled web unwinds into heartbreak, deception, legal battles, and finally murder – with an ending no one could ever imagine.

ONE LAST LIE is a psychological thriller in line with today’s most successful suspense novels. The story’s twists evoke emotional highs and lows, with a powerful ending that pulls everything together in an unexpected – yet fulfilling – turn of events.

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What others are saying

Isabel S.
Incredible. The writing is excellent and I got attached to the characters immediately and the twists and turns of the story really kept me going. Could not put the book down. I finished reading and the story still stays with me. It is definitely a page turner. It will pull at your heart. Absolutely outstanding. Looking forward to the author’s next book. Hope it will be soon!!!

Number 1
All I have to say is WOW! I always can tell a good book when I think about the characters and the story when I’m not reading, i.e. cooking, at work, etc..and once I started this book I was so involved with the characters I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So many twists in the plot that are unexpected definitely makes this a page turner. I am looking for more books from this author as I would love to read more from him. It’s a must read!